Gem of Lliira

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In the beginning, the Light brought forth the universe from nothingness, a realm of perfect harmony and divine order. The Light wove its essence into the void, forming the stars, realms for its servants, planets, Mythara, vast continents, lush forests, and majestic mountains. It then populated these lands with myriad creatures, bestowing upon them the gifts of intelligence, courage, and virtue.   Some creatures that spawned from the light became envious of the Light, and in an attempt to imitate it, corrupted it, creating Darkness. The Darkness continued to grow envious of the Light's radiance and sought to disrupt the equilibrium. It deceived other creatures of Light, convincing them to abandon the Lights plan and shape the world according to its own desires.   The Darkness, having achieved its goal of sowing discord, unleashed its malevolent power upon the world. It claimed the desolate wastelands, the sunless depths, and the forgotten corners of the realm as its domain. But its bitterness did not end there.   With a twisted intent, the Darkness tainted the lands the Light had shaped. It infused its corrupting essence into the forests, causing twisted abominations to sprout from the once-vibrant flora. The mountains became haunted by malevolent spirits, and the rivers ran thick with a viscous, poisonous ooze.   Thus, the world was thrown into a state of perpetual conflict, a constant struggle between the forces of Light and Darkness. The virtuous found themselves battling against the insidious corruption that sought to consume all in its path.   In this world, the lines between good and evil are blurred, for even the noblest of beings may succumb to the Darkness's influence, while those born of shadow may find redemption in the Light's embrace. It is a realm where heroes must arise, wielding the power of faith and divine grace, to restore the balance that the Light intended.  

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